Contact Matthew

If you'd like me to give you a call, I'm more than happy to find a time that works—fill out the contact form, and let's chat!

You can also reach me by email at


I appreciate any way you're able to support the campaign, whether that's chipping in with a donation, joining me out canvassing, or spreading the word to a couple of neighbours. Every vote counts!


We're out in the ward talking to residents every day, so we'd love to have you join us whenever you're available! We're also looking for people who can help on Oct. 24th to get out the vote. Let me know what you're interested in!


I'm accepting donations via e-transfer to Please also fill out the contact form and include your full name and address in your donation message so that I can issue a receipt.

Signs & Posters

Having a sign up on your lawn or fence is a great way to support Matthew's campaign. Include your full address in your message and we'll come by to put it up. (We'll also be back to pick it up a couple of days after voting day.) If you live in an apartment building, I also have posters that you can put up on your door or in your window—let me know!

Any resident of Ontario can donate to a municipal campaign; you will receive a contribution receipt, but municipal campaign donations cannot be credited against provincial or federal income taxes. Individuals have a contribution limit of $1200.