My Priorities

Read about my priorities below. I see my priorities as a living document—I believe in everything there, but I'm often adding new details and ideas based on what I hear out in the community and speaking to residents all across the ward. If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach out, I'd love to hear from you!

WCRI's Fenwick Building is pictured behind Phillip Street with a sidewalk and trees.

Waterloo needs to build and protect affordable & high-quality housing so that everyone can live, work, study, and age comfortably and safely.

Matthew is biking along the Waterloo Park trail with trees on either side of him.

A robust active transit network will allow residents to move around the city quickly and comfortably, and it is essential to becoming a more liveable and sustainable city.

The ION LRT is at University of Waterloo Station. There are plants in the foreground and riders exiting the train platform.

Waterloo has set the path forward on climate action with the TransformWR plan—now we need the commitment to follow through and identify other ways to strengthen our natural environment.

If that sounds like your vision for Waterloo, help me make it a reality: